COOL BARS AND STREET ART: Yet another break in Budapest

hungary 07

This was my fourth time in Budapest and the city never disappoints!

After dropping our bags in our flat, we headed out for a late lunch. The area around Lizst Ferenc Ter has lots of cools places, but we stopped at Menza, an old favourite (lunch for three including drinks and tip for 12000 HUF).

hungary 01

We then explored the area around Andrassy Utca and Kiraly Utca, stopping at the Opera House and checking out the many cool bars around before heading back to our flat for the evening.

In the morning we visited the Central Market Hall. There you can buy local produce, souvenirs and paprika in all its forms. It’s a great place to visit and to stock up if you’re self-catering.

We then took the bus to the other side of the river to explore the area around Buda Castle and the citadel for a bit, although it was cold and a bit rainy.

hungary 04

hungary 03

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We had lunch at the beautiful Mazel Tov (lunch for four including drinks and tip for 12000 HUF). They serve lots of yummy Middle Eastern food with plenty of veggie options.

In the evening we stopped at Szimpla, the most famous of Budapest’s ruin bars for a drink (drinks for four for 3500 HUF) before going home to cook the food we’d bought at the market earlier in the day.

hungary 09

Thermal baths are very popular in Budapest, and as usual we headed to Szechenyi. This is a massive complex of indoor and outdoor thermal pools, and a nice way of spending a few relaxing hours (weekend day ticket for 5000 HUF).

For lunch we visited Porto di Pest, a nice but a bit expensive place in Liszt Ferenc Ter (lunch for four including drinks and tip for 20000 HUF).

After stopping at our flat for a bit, we met my local friend for drinks and ended the night at Kuplung, which served nice but dodgy cocktails (two drinks for 1200 HUF).

hungary 08

Our last full day in Budapest was nice and sunny, so we walked to the Shoes on the Danube Bank, a memorial to victims of World War II. We then walked all the way back to Jonas, a craft brewery with nice views over the river (four beers for 3000 HUF).

To finish the trip in style, we had an early dinner at Pomo D’Oro, an upscale Italian restaurant serving delicious pasta and yummy desserts (meal for three including drinks and tip for 24000 HUF).

hungary 05


  • Go: We took the train from Vienna (takes about 2h30), but there are plenty of flights from London. Budapest is also a great option for the end of an Eastern Europe trip as it has good connections with the whole region.
  • Stay: We stayed at this fancy place in Kiraly Utca, which was both a great place and the perfect location. Budapest has lots of good accommodation options, so it’s easy to find a good alternative.
  • Money: Budapest is very cheap and even upscale places are affordable in comparison to London prices. Exchange places are easily available and generally the rates are very good as there’s lots of competition.

hungary 06

2 DAYS IN BUDAPEST: A relaxing break after a long journey


A relaxing weekend in Budapest was a great way of finishing out trip through Transylvania. I’d been to Budapest twice before, so all I wanted was a comfy hotel and a day at the thermal baths. Just perfect!



There are lots of thermal baths in Budapest, and the most famous of them is Szechenyi. This impressive building has a massive selection of indoor and outdoor pools at different temperatures, and it’s the perfect place to relax for a day. Tickets cost 4700 HUF per person (around £13).



I have a friend in Budapest, and she is the perfect guide. We went for drinks at local brewery Jonas, the perfect place to watch the sun set over the Danube. This is also a great area to walk around.

We then visited one of the many cool bars in the centre. Szimpla is the most famous place (it’s been selected by the Lonely Planet as the best bar in the world a few times), but there are lots of good options around.



Napfenyes Etterem is a vegan place with an extensive menu which includes anything from Hungarian dishes to pizza. Dinner for two including tips cost 5300 HUF (around £14).



We stayed at Fraser Residences. It is located a bit off the city centre, but it’s easily accessible by metro – or you can walk to the centre too (takes about 20min). Rooms have their own kitchen and washing machine, and breakfast is included. Rooms cost us £60 per night on a sale.



We took a train from Cluj in Romania to Bupadest, which took a little over 8h. There are lots of flights from London and the trip takes about 2h30.








WISHLIST: Train journey through Transylvania

Photo from Wikipedia

I’m already dreaming of all the places I’ll visit next year. The list is already longer than my holidays allow, but there are just so many places to go!

One place I really want to visit is Transylvania: Dracula’s castle, medieval villages, beautiful countryside… and all of that by train – sounds perfect!

Fly to Romanian capital Bucharest then make your way to places like Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara, stopping along the way. There are lost of Unesco Heritage sites in the region as well.

Image from Wikipedia

Instead of going back to Bucharest, head to Hungary to end your trip with a relaxing break in one of the thermal baths of Budapest.

I can’t wait!