BEAUTIFUL VIEWS AND VEGGIE FOOD: A weekend in Zurich and Liechtenstein

One of the few places remaining for us to visit in Europe was Liechtenstein, so we flew into Zurich for the weekend to check it out.


We were really impressed by the food in Zurich. There are plenty of vegan and veggie options clearly labelled in most places. In supermarkets, vegan items are clearly labelled and options are plentiful.

  • Hiltl Haus: The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe is a popular place with a buffet and a la carte options. The food is varied a really delicious. Dinner for two including drinks and tip for 79CHF.
  • Hiltl Sihlpost: Another Hiltl restaurant with a buffet full of yummy vegan and veggie options, in a cool space. Dinner for two including dessert for 40CHF
  • Stay: We stayed at Swiss Star Apartments, a good self-catering option located just 10 minutes from the Central Station.


Vaduz is a small town surrounded by picturesque snow-capped mountains. The main attraction is the walk from the centre up to Vaduz Castle. The castle itself is not open to tourists but the walk gives you the most amazing views.

  • Kunstmuseum: This modern art museum has a small but good selection of works in a nice space. Tickets for 15CHF.
  • Go: From Zurich to Vaduz in Liechtenstein the best option is to take a train to Sargans where you can get bus n. 11 to Vaduz. You can buy tickets online here (choose option Vaduz, Post, which includes the bus transfers), about one month in advance.

THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN: A book to read to on a long journey

Reading The Magic Mountain, by Thomas Mann, is like going on a journey. You arrive in the Swiss Alps, feel the light breeze and breath in the deep air.

The Magic Mountain

The book follows the routine of the lead character in minute detail, and as you get to know Hans Castorp, you also connect with the environment around him.

The passage of time is slow; the days repetitive. As you turn page after page (the book is quite long) you start to feel like you’re in the mountains too.

Some books stay with you long after you’ve finished reading them. This is on of them.

Take it with you when you go on a long trip!


geneva10_for web

I have a good friend in Geneva so I go there on occasion. Although it is a beautiful place (especially in the summer), I feel it doesn’t have that much to offer.

Travelling around, on the other hand, is always a great experience.

This time around we visited Annecy, in France, about 25 miles south of Geneva. It is a great road trip with incredible views along the way.

geneva18_for webBut first things first: the great thing about crossing the border to France is you get amazing bakeries straighaway. Our local stop is Merveilles de Pain in St Julien, just across the French border.

Along the way to Annecy we stopped to look at the views over the old bridge.

 We then sipped wine wine at Les Terrasses du Lac, which has beautiful views over the lake.
geneva05_for web

Annecy itself is the perfect French town, very nice and actually quite touristic although I’d never heard about it.

On our way back to Geneva we stopped to get photos of the double rainbow over the mountains.geneva14_for web

In the evening, it was time to drink some Aperol Spritz by the river, before making our way to La Caravane Passe, a delicious Lebanese restaurant.

What a beautiful day!

geneva17_for web


  • Getting there: There are lots of flights from London to Geneva, and the trip takes about 2h.
  • Travelling around: A car is the best option to explore the border with France. Alternatively, a train trip through Switzerland is an equally beautiful adventure.
  • When to go: This is a perfect break for spring and summer, when the weather is nice and temperatures mild. Switzerland also has lots to offer in the winter for those who like skiing (I don’t).