In 2013 we decided to visit one European per month. We did it! Here’s a short summary of how it went:

  • Our first trip was to Copenhagen in early February. The city was beautiful and not as expensive as we thought, but the weather definitely made it all a bit difficult.
  • Also in February, we went to Ravenna, Italy. There is not much to it, although the mosaics (on the UNESCO Heritage list) are pretty impressive. The main reason why we ended up there was for family though.
  • In March we spent St Patrick’s Day in Cork. It is a very nice and pretty town, but definitely not as mad as Dublin is supposed to be in March.
  • In April we visited friends in Edinburgh. We were very lucky with the weather so we got the chance to climb Arthur’s seat.
  • In May we went to Budapest. My friend Sophie is a local so we had a great time bar-hopping. The Szechenyi baths were great too.
  • In June we went to Brazil for the Confederations Cup (so technically not Europe). Football and riots.
  • In July we went to Stockholm and had a great time sampling super-expensive beer around Gamla Stan.
  • Then in August we went to Antwerp to see some hockey. There was a nice summer festival on.
  • In September we went to Paris and wandered around the beautiful boulevards. Ron Mueck had an amazing exhibition on at the Cartier Foundation, following the success of  his previous show there.
  • In October we went to Venice for the arts biennale. Somehow we still laugh every time we think about the poor tourist who fell straight into a canal!
  • In November we went to Iceland which was amazing! The highlights were the northern lights, but the whole summary of the trip is here.
  • In December we boarded a plane to Ljubljana not really knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised!

opera house

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