Jordan is one of the top places in my list at the moment, but I want to get it right (which basically means ensuring I have time to see everything I want there).

The main reason I wanted to visit at first was Petra:

Photo from Wikipedia

The place looks absolutely amazing! And you can even see it live through this great Earthcam.

But now that I’ve started doing some research I’ve realised there’s much more to see: a day trip to the Dead Sea is a must, and visiting Wadi Rum must be a surreal experience:

Photo from Wikipedia


  • Go: there are plenty of flights from the UK, but tickets are not cheap at around £400 return.
  • Weather: avoid the summer as temperatures get way too hot.
  • Travel around: buses and taxis are the easiest way to travel around in Jordan, are not too expensive, and can be booked when you’re there.
  • Stay: Petra Guesthouse is the best accommodation in Petra in terms of location, but don’t forget to spend a night in a Bedouin tent for a unique experience.

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