FLOATING IN THE DEAD SEA: Relaxation 400m below sea level

dead sea 01_for web

We left Petra early in the morning to make our way to the Dead Sea.

The taxi journey takes about 3h30 and goes through the King’s Highway and the Dead Sea Highway. We stopped during the journey to take more pictures of the beautiful landscape.

dead sea 02_for web

We also stopped at Wadi Mujib Bioreserve, the other side of Wadi Mujib – which we visited a few days earlier.

This looked really nice and it would have been good to spend a couple of hours around the waterfalls, but we didn’t really have time to stay long.

dead sea 05_for web

We arrived at our hotel (Crowne Plaza Dead Sea, yes!) and went straight to the beach. The water was really warm and nice. We then stayed around the many swimming pools cooling off for a bit.

At around six, we went back to the Dead Sea and covered ourselves in dark mud before going back to the sea for some more bobbing around. After watching the sun set above the waves, we made our way to a Lebanese restaurant for a hearty meal overlooking Jericho across the sea.

dead sea 07_for web

The next morning we had breakfast in the amazing buffet before going back to the Dead Sea to take some silly photos and float some more.

We then made our way to the local spa for invigorating Oriental massages. After an amazing luxurious day, it was time to get back on the road and head to Madaba.

dead sea 09_for web


  • Getting there: Transportation to the Dead Sea is best done by car. A taxi ride from Petra takes about 3h30 and costs around 80JD. From the Dead Sea to Madaba or Amman the journey takes about 1h and costs around 40JD.
  • Stay: There are no budget options around, but the resorts are really nice and not too expensive. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza for £117 and got the luxury treatment you’d expect. This is a nice place to visit at the end of your journey to recover from the harshness of the desert. The spa was really nice and we had massages for 30JD (we got 50% off for morning bookings) but they had lots of options for different treatments with Dead Sea products.
  • Shop: Dead Sea cosmetics are not cheap, but they are really nice and make good presents.

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