TRAVELLING ON FILM: 3 movies set in Rome

I’m really looking forward to going to Rome next month. I’ve been there before, but that was many years ago, so it will be great to visit it again!

Rome is very picturesque, with amazing architectural features everywhere you look. So of course may great films have been set there… here are three of my favourites:

1. Bicycle Thieves

bicycle thief

Bicycle Thieves is a beautiful film by Vittorio De Sica, but boy is it sad. It’s set in the post-war, and it shows the many struggles of the main character.

The grandeur of Rome in the backdrop adds another layer to this tale of misery. An amazing film, but not an easy one to watch.

2. The Talented Mr Ripley


The Talented Mr Ripley is set in a few different locations around Italy, including Rome. This thriller is full of suspense and plot twists, all happening in amazing places where the main characters live the high life, such as the luxurious St Regis Hotel.

The perfect film to watch with a glass of wine on a lazy weekend afternoon.

3. To Rome with Love


Woody Allen is a favourite of this blog, but he really makes the location a central part of his films.

To Rome with Love is a classic Woody Allen film, hilarious and neurotic. The cast is absolutely amazing, with Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Helen Page, Roberto Benigni and many others.

Rome is such a perfect city for this entertaining film!

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