TRAVELLING ON FILM: 3 movies to inspire wanderlust

In my dreams I always picture myself packing my things and leaving it all behind, travelling the world on a one-way ticket. In reality most of my trips are tightly scheduled around my office hours, but one can dream!

Here are some of my favourite films to encourage you to pack your bags and go:

1. The Motorcycle Diaries

motorcycle diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries tells the story of a young Che Guevara. It being a biopic, of course it focuses on some of the key events which turned out to be relevant in his future life.

But mostly, this is a film about a great road trip across the amazing landscapes of South America. To inspire those planning the trip of a lifetime!

2. Lost in translation

lost in translation

It’s quite hard to describe the feeling of being out of place when you travel, but Lost in Translation captures it perfectly and beautifully.

It really makes you feel like an outsider in Tokyo (and it is likely to put you off karaoke), but being directed by Sofia Coppola, it’s also a lot of fun and it has a great soundtrack. For those who want to see new places!

3. Into the Wild

into the wild

Inspired by a true story first told in a book by Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild follows the adventures of Christopher McCandless around America.

It is a hippie road trip across the country, great to watch on a lazy weekend. Perfect for real explorers!

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