TRAVELLING ON FILM: 3 movies to watch again this summer

Summer in England is not always as sunny as one might hope, which is probably why everyone here seems obsessed with sunlight! These are some films to inspire summer trips:

1. Easy Rider

easy rider

Easy Rider is a classic road trip across America: motorcycles, loud music and so much attitude! This film shaped a whole genre, and the acting is great – Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson are all amazing as ever. One to make you reminisce of long road trips!

2. Grease


Grease is the perfect film to watch during the summer: The over-saturated look, the over the top fashion, and of course, the amazing music all make this as fun as it gets. And don’t forget to sing along to Summer Nights!

3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Vicky Cristina Barcelona is another great Woody Allen film about a city. Vicky and Cristina are American friends who decide to spend a summer break in Spain. Unlike other Woody Allen films, this is not as neurotic as you might expect. To watch sipping white wine!

2 thoughts on “TRAVELLING ON FILM: 3 movies to watch again this summer

  1. To me the first two of these are odd choices of films to remind one of summer or travel. I’m not contradicting them, because they work for you. People connect to movies in all sorts of strange ways.

    All three represent very American viewpoints. Being an American teenager when Easy Rider was released, I enjoyed the “buddy movie” and “road trip” aspects, but the payoff is that the seekers, our heroes, still get murdered by rednecks at the end. It’s like a warning – Don’t go where you don’t belong!

    Then there’s Grease, a really bad movie that was a hit because of catchy songs. They scrubbed and sanitized every interesting aspect of the Broadway play version, ending up with a high-budget TV situation comedy. The version of American summer in the film never existed, but that’s how nostalgia works sometimes. You pretend the racism, violence, poverty and general brutality never happened.

    I do share your romantic view of “VCB”. Woody Allen’s career has taken an interesting turn. Because Americans don’t like him personally as much as they used to, they avoid his films, which are now uniformly based and shot in foreign cities. And most of his box office profit is also from foreign audiences.

    I probably would make odd choices of films to remind me of the romance of travel or locations in the UK too. Aside from the King and Castle genres, which the Brits have long cornered the market on, I would choose ones like a Room With a View, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. They aren’t films, but I also fell in love with Last of the Summer Wine and Doc Martin, not only for the eccentric characters but also the gorgeous locations of Holmfirth and Port Isaac.


    • Thank you for you comments. I guess they are films I grew up watching during my summer holidays! I do really love A Room with a View and Four Weddings and a Funeral though.

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