SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Things to do when you don’t have a long summer break

rome 10

When I was a kid, summer holidays were the best. Two months without school (although I am a massive nerd), and we always headed to the beach for at least two weeks.

How I wish I had two months with nothing to do every year!


But at least there are a few things you can do around an office job to get that summer holiday feeling:

  1. Spend a whole day in your pyjamas and don’t leave the house. Add a rerun of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and a big bowl of popcorn for the perfect lowbrow day.
  2. Take a relaxing bath. I’m addicted to Lush bath bombs, they all smell so amazing! Or splash out on a session at the Lush spa – now this is proper pampering!
  3. Have a picnic in a local park. I’m very lucky to live right across from a massive green area, where I can take a nice basket of food, play my frisbee and have a cold beer.
  4. Get those boardgames out of the closet. You don’t really need anything more than Monopoly and Jenga for a whole night of entertainment.


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