TRANSYLVANIA BY TRAIN: Overnight stop at Sibiu


Going on a train trip across Transylvania was on my list for a long time. But it was only when we were on the train from Brasov to Sibiu at 8pm with no lights on that I realised that maybe this wasn’t everyone’s idea of a nice holiday. Eventually the lights did come on, and after many stops in stations with no signs, we arrived in Sibiu perfectly on time.


It was a perfect late summer evening, so after dropping our things at the hostel, we still had time for a stroll around the city centre and a drink in one of the bars in the main square before going to bed.

We only had the morning to explore Sibiu before we got on our next train, but this was enough time to get to know the city centre. Sibiu has three squares right next to each other, with pedestrianised roads linking them together.



One of the squares hosts the Lutheran Basilica. You can walk up steep wooden steps (a bit scary) to get to the tower and get a nice view over the city. Tickets cost 8 lei.



We also followed the path alongside the city walls before hopping on our next train!


  • Go: Sibiu is 3h30 by train from Brasov. Tickets can be bought in advance here and are really cheap at 46 lei for two people (about £8). The train cuts through the beautiful Romanian countryside, stopping at many little villages along the way.
  • Stay: We stayed at Old Hostel Sibiu, which was ideally located in the city centre, with rooms overlooking Mica Square. A private room for two people cost £30, which was okay but service was quite basic. Sibiu is very small so there aren’t many good and affordable options to choose from, but Hostelworld and TripAdvisor have a few options.







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