Tallinn 08

We took the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn for the day. After exploring the Old Town for a bit, we stopped for lunch at V, a vegan restaurant that was ideally located in the city centre and had the best food (lunch for two including drinks and tip for 30€).

Our next stop was St Olaf’s church – you can climb up the tower to get amazing views over the centre and the bay. Tickets cost only 2€ per person, so it’s definitely worth a go.

Tallinn 11

Tallinn 10

Tallinn 09

We continued exploring the city centre, finding the Orthodox cathedral and another viewing point nearby. We stopped for a drink at Bogapott, then explored some more of the little corners and alleyways of the Old Town (which is a Unesco Heritage site).

We stopped at the Holy Spirit church, went across St Catherine’s passage and then climbed up Hellemann tower and walls (tickets cost 3€ per person). We then headed to Cafe Inspiration for some more yummy vegan food (a light dinner for two including drinks and tip for 26€) before getting back on the ferry to Helsinki.

Tallinn is definitely worth a visit – what a picturesque place!

Tallinn 14

Tallinn 13


  • Getting there: Helsinki and Tallinn are very close, so you can take one of the many ferries available.  We chose Linda Line which seemed to have the fastest options (1h30 on the way there and about two hours on the way back). Prices can go up, so it’s best to book in advance (we paid about 40€ return per person). We left Helsinki on the 10am ferry and took the 8pm service on the way back, which gave us plenty of time to explore.
  • Money: Tallinn is very cheap as compared to nearby Helsinki. Drinks at the Old Town for about 3-4€.

Tallinn 12

Tallinn 07

Tallinn 06

Tallinn 05

Tallinn 04

Tallinn 03

Tallinn 02

Tallinn 01


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