AN IGUANA CAME TO GREET US ON THE TARMAC: Honeymoon in the Galapagos, day 1


We flew from Guayaquil to Baltra to start our Galapagos adventure. An iguana was already waiting for us on the tarmac, so we knew straightaway this was going to be amazing.



We got on the ferry from the airport where we spotted blue-footed boobies and sea lions, and lots of other birds. Our first stop of the day was a sink hole of volcanic origin in the highlands of Santa Cruz island.

We stopped for lunch at Rancho El Manzanillo, a local farm that is absolutely covered with giant tortoises. They spend their days grazing and resting by a pond, before starting a three-month journey to the lower parts of the island where they lay their eggs.






We were dropped at Puerto Ayora, the main town in Santa Cruz, where we got on a boat to our hotel.

It was around 4pm, so we spent some time by the beach where we spotted marine iguanas, a sea lion, a golden ray, colourful crabs, lots of little fish and all sorts of birds. The wildlife here is not only really abundant, but also completely at ease hanging out around people.




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