ROMAN RUINS AND SUNNY PARKS: A day in beautiful Nîmes

nimes 02

I hopped on the train from Arles to explore nearby Nimes, home to another impressive arena and other Roman monuments.

The amphitheatre is huge, and its claim to fame is that it’s the most well-preserved of its kind.

nimes 03

nimes 04

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Another highlight is the Maison Carree, which has one of the best-preserved Roman temple facades still standing. The inside of it is used to show a film reenacting how Nimes was founded, which was interesting.

nimes 07

nimes 09

Close to the city centre are the beautiful Jardins de la Fontaine, a massive park and garden with lots of sculptures. This is where you can see the temple of Diana, another Roman ruin.

nimes 10

nimes 11

nimes 13

Within the park you can reach the Tour Magne, the largest tower from the old city walls, which nowadays is a viewing point where you can see the whole of Nimes.

nimes 14

nimes 15

Nimes is a great place for a day trip, the city centre is really nice and the highlights are definitely worth a visit!


  • Getting there: From Arles the train to Nimes takes just 25min (tickets for 15.30€). It’s not very frequent, so a more flexible alternative is to take the bus. The bus and train stations are next to each other, so it’s easy to choose.
  • Monuments: The best way to visit the Amphitheatre, the Maison Carree and Tour Magne is to buy a pass covering all of them for 13€. It can be purchased in any of the three monuments.

nimes 01

nimes 16

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