TRAVELLING ON THE CHEAP: 6 thrifty tips to make the most of your holidays

People often ask me how I manage to travel so much. There’s no secret! Here are some of my tips on how to plan great holidays on a budget.

1. Book in advance:

Start booking everything about six months in advance to make sure you get cheap flights and that the best value hotels are available.


2. Do your research:

Use Kayak or Momondo to find the cheapest flights – then book straight from the airline website. Find cheap hostels at Hostelworld or sign up for rewards programmes from hotel chains like Accor.


3. Take someone with you:

Travelling in pairs is one of the best ways of saving money, especially with accommodation. Some hotels charge the same for one of two guests, so splitting everything between two people really pays off.


4. Avoid peak season:

Summer holidays in Europe are the worst time for travelling as it’s much more expensive and most places are packed with tourists. Avoid June-August and you usually get better prices AND a better experience!


5. Enjoy the free stuff:

Everywhere is different, but most places will have something free for you to do. London has free museums; Paris has amazing parks and squares; and you can find a free tour in most European cities (for a small tip). Make the most of it!


6. Save on food:

When you’re travelling it’s easy to eat out three times per day. Find your local supermarket and make use of the hostel kitchen (if available) to make valuable savings. Then find a great restaurant for that special meal you will remember!

Get planning!

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