5 THINGS TO DO IN LONDON: Top tips from an insider

Although I’m always keen to hop on a plane and go somewhere new, I love showing London to my friends when they come to visit. Here are some of my recommendations:

1. Learn something in a museum:

In London most museums are free AND many also offer free tours and talks. How good is that? Spend an hour drawing something at the National Gallery or browse one of the V&A galleries with a guided tour.


2. Take the bus:

The tube is usually the most practical way of getting places in London, but buses are less crowded and you get a nice view of the city. Plus everyone loves a double-decker!


3. See some live music:

London has an amazing music scene and pretty much anything goes – listen to a free lunchtime concert, catch an open mic night at your local pub, or find your favourite band somewhere around town.


4. Taste great Indian food:

British food may not be on the top of everyone’s list, but London has amazing restaurants (from every cuisine) and is a great place to eat Indian food. There are lots of options in Balham, and I like the Clapham Tandoori and the vegetarian Sagar.


5. Have a drink:

Pubs are a massive part of British culture, and London has LOADS to choose from. Visit a Samuel Smith’s pub for a great selection of organic beers (the Cittie of Yorke in Chancery Lane is one of my favourites), or sip the best cocktails ever at no-frills Freud – my current obsession!

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