IN PICTURES: 5 of my favourite travel photos

1. The tiny frog, Amazon

amazon30_for web

I took this picture during a walk in the Brazilian jungle. This tiny frog seemed at home on my boyfriend’s back. You can also see our guide in the background.

2. Rock bridge, Wadi Rum

wadi 32_for web

I took loads of pictures in Wadi Rum as the place was absolutely stunning. This photo was taken by our guide, who climbed up a nearby rock to capture us on the top of this natural bridge.

3. Catch the sun, Chile


I’ve had lots of attempts at taking a good picture of the sun. This has always been my favourite. I especially like it nowadays as it was published on National Geographic Traveller.

4. Chasing rainbows, French-Swiss border

geneva14_for web

My friends and I saw this amazing double rainbow and stopped to take some photos. I got back into the car just in time to get this shot of them – I love it!

5. Red phone boxes, London


I took this picture with my Diana Mini. You never know what you’re gonna get with analogue photos, but this perfectly captures this iconic British symbol.

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