THE 5-MINUTE TRIP PLANNER: A weekend in Paris

I love Paris! I’ve been many times and will go back again in February.


There are lots of things to see and do, and you can easily spend a month getting lost in the many different areas of the city.


But Paris is also perfect for a long weekend, as it’s so close to London.


  • Go: Hop on the Eurostar after work and arrive right at the centre of Paris. The journey takes only a little over 2 hours, and if you book in advance it’s also the cheapest way to go.
  • Sleep: Staying in Paris can be really expensive, but if you do your research there are good budget options around. I’m staying at Le Rocroy, but there are lots of good options around Montmartre as well.
  • Do: Spend a whole day in the Louvre or catch the latest exhibition at the Grand Palais; get lost in Montmartre; go for a meal and drinks around le Marais; discover a little cafe around the corner… there’s really no way to get it wrong in Paris!


The 5-minute trip planner: Planning a short trip in no time.

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