WATCHING MARINE IGUANAS SWIM BY: Honeymoon in the Galapagos, day 4


Our fourth day in the Galapagos started with a trip to Divine Bay in Santa Cruz. We hiked across lava terrain to find a colony of marine iguanas. There were loads of them nesting, and we also saw a few of them swimming which looks quite awkward.

In the distance we spotted sea turtles – Galapagos is hard work like that.








We then went snorkelling in an area that was full of whitetip reef sharks – nearby we also found a sea turtle that was happy to swim near us!


After having lunch back at the hotel with finches coming to watch us, we went to Puerto Ayora to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. There was saw lots of tortoises which are part of conservation projects, and a land iguana from another island. There’s also a small museum where you can learn about conservation projects and management of invasive species.




We went back to the port to get a water taxi to the hotel.

In the few minutes we were waiting we saw sea lions, white and blacktip reef sharks, a large school of golden rays, marine iguanas and lots of birds!



You can see more of our Galapagos adventures here: Day 1; day 2; day 3.

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