IGUANAS ON A PRISTINE BEACH: Honeymoon in the Galapagos, day 7


For our last day in the Galapagos we went to nearby beach Tortuga Bay. From Puerto Ayora the beach is accessible by a mile-long trail through a dry area covered in cacti. Along the way you spot lots of lava lizards and mockingbirds.



Arriving in Tortuga Bay is amazing, the beach is picture perfect by itself, but there are also marine iguanas walking around, which makes the scenery even more remarkable.




Walking to the end of the beach we reached Playa Mansa, a quieter beach which is good for swimming and snorkelling. We rented a kayak ($10 per person per hour) and went exploring the mangroves. We spotted herons and marine iguanas, a few fish, and a shark. Just as we were leaving on our boat, we saw a sea turtle in the distance!



This really was the trip of a lifetime. Galapagos is a unique place and it was a great choice for our honeymoon. Every place we visited had something different to offer, and tourism restrictions mean that most of the time the only people you see are those in the same (small) tour as you.



More on our Galapagos trip: Day 1; day 2; day 3; day 4; day 5; day 6.

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